by Carlo Barbagallo



"The album's opening song's title «Cows & Sheeps, Lambs & Violins» sounds exactly as well as what it promises: a bucolic early morning promenade among future beefs and ovines, - plus a violin. A sincerely pastoral vision. You feel like You're there. Watch out watch your feet walking in the grass. Then it's a three songs suite, with Carlo Barbagallo's enchanting vocals, - resident demiurge - barely folk, nowhere near electric, if not like a last nude light bulb in an abandoned house on the sea side, - and actually You can hear the sea waves breaking on the shore. Tracks 5 and 6 are free instrumental sound experiments, recording experiment as well, - then it's from track 7, «Remove Me», that a more proper intimate melodic line takes form: melancholic lyrics, acoustic slide guitars, swinging between dry sounds and a final electronic programming of filtered drums. The following track «For Children» is a drumless song, where the percussions are the piano notes and those precise beats on a triangle (right?), a severe tone and mood is not far from that savour dear to Black Heart Procession's tempos, - a majestic choral hymn to the broken lives. «Bed» is spectral interlude, psychedelic à la early Pink Floyd, - and later You wouldn't expect a country ballad like «You That Choose», - i bet Lee Hazlewood would have loved it. «Oaic» (reverse for Ciao, - i know You got that) is simply smart and infectious, - and last track, the album's title, «Ego God», is a sort of duet between Barbagallo and a speaking mechanic doll. Just kidding. Anyway, this album is a hidden gem, You can feel it it's been recorded or thought in isolation, - but it's not depressive or emotional, - it's simply indulging with its inside devil, and turns each inner sadness in a different reading key."

"For the Sicilian artist Barbagallo «Ego-God» is rather a kind of declaration of his future great intentions, than an assertion of subjectivism. In fact, there are many other things in this album except «Ego», and they are nice and expressive of their own accord. And above all is that they form the complete pattern. That’s why you can listen to this album not by separate songs, but as a single whole. Author landscape is mainly not-urban. The horizon sometimes of the field, sometimes of the sea, sometimes of the room is clearly seen in his scenery. Because of that the most of the compositions inhere certain dreaminess and reverie, and sometimes mature sorrow. I’m glad to hear a kind of courage in formation of the tunes. They are, as a rule, have unexpected and brilliant conclusions. Relaxedness in making music is referred Barbagallo to Freefolk style. He succeeded, like a skilful sculptor, to cut off “unnecessary material” in the guitar sounding up to everyday or native sounds. I believe that the musician will keep his attachment to the natural sound, does not workaround with the help of modern sophisticated devices. Of course, there is a close connection with the rock-tradition in Carlo Barbagallo`s works. Pink Floyd of 69-70th often entered my head, and a sense of the tune reminded me Gomez. But it isn’t worthy to get tired by names of those albums «Ego-God» could be similar to. Because it cannot replace the necessity to spend the evening time in the land between Ego and God, and then one more evening."

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released November 1, 2007

by Barbie Noja Records.

Written, Arranged, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by Carlo Barbagallo
from October 2006 to October 2007

"Remove Me" Written, Arranged, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by Carlo Natoli, Maria Bruna Natoli & Carlo Barbagallo;
"For Children" Written by Danilo Garro & Performed by Danilo Garro, Carlo Barbagallo & Vincenzo Tabacco;
"(Bye Bye) Green Zanzara" Lyrics by Lucia Urgese & Carlo Barbagallo;
"You That Choose" (Lyrics by William Shakespeare) Written, Arranged & Performed by Lorenzo Urciullo & Carlo Barbagallo.

See song info for details about each track.

Side A: tracks 1-8
Side B: tracks 9-17

Cover Art by Angelo Bramanti.




Carlo Barbagallo Italy

Carlo Barbagallo is a sicilian musician, composer, sound engineer, producer. He always played & recorded his music, experimenting the possibilities of home & studio creative recording. Owner of totally DIY Noja Recordings; founder or guest member of a lot of different bands/projects. Full info at ... more


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Track Name: For Children
For Children
For Guys
For Everyone
Track Name: (Bye Bye) Green Zanzara
I need green lights and ocean, singer
Margarita bubbles
Pink banana
Yellow teeth
Purple mouth
Cheese cheese
Bye bye
Green zanzara