Floppy Disk

by Carlo Barbagallo



"Floppy disks are our vintage, that's a fact. Soon cds will follow too. Before this comes true, grab Carlo Barbagallo's «Floppy Disk", a very talented sicilian musician who is also a member of Albanopower and Suzanne'Silver. If you're sick of the derailed application of the concept of 'indie', have a listen to his 11 tracks, to be played as if they were two sides of a vinyl. You're going to find various analogies with both the way and the ethics stemmed from 70's record production added to a low-fi necessity but without the blurred mind of those who deny the past and keep from knowing what has happened afterwards. Rarely enough, «Floppy Disk" leaves an ultimate image in your mind, hitting the ground around that place psychologists call 'ocean feeling', that is the unborn reactions to the outer stimulus they perceive when they are still in the womb. Psycho-Floydish attitude becomes a natural partner to the latest Beatles, as well as a conservation of the american classics (Neil Young, country, blues, west coast rock radios) added to an eye for 90's disciples like Layne Staley, Shawn Smith and Greg Dulli; alienated impros descend smoothly from the glam era written by Brian Eno, Bowie and King Crimson. Here is an unaware hold on to the present Dr. Dog and the already regretted Beta Band, vocal deviations à la Damon Albarn's soundtracks and an osmotic liaison with Albanopower (another dissociated utopia, if you look at our times) whose lemon tree field has witnessed the birth of the vocal lines. In translucency you see Barbagallo, a new figure who's intended to populate like elves do our oneiric, narc-hypnotic, maieutic dimension of our musical reception: a cubic super8 kaleidoscope yellow blurred patina from which you cannot escape in first place, then you don't even want to, right when butterflies begin to prevail."

"There is no doubt about the successful nature of this disk, - and it proves how Barbagallo is a unique Artist in Italy, an all-round musician (from guitar to drums, piano, organ, banjo, strings, samples, tricche tracche) besides that an inspired song-writer: His Music is like a perfect blend of The Beatles and Zappa's pop psychedelic sung by Mike Patton - but these are just generic coordinates for the reader. His kaleidoscopic tunes are twirling, eclectic, - i.e. «Paper Mirror», - hippie and romantic, - or «Yolkrise», maybe the more radio-friendly act among the 11 tracks. Then, «Cold Shiver», - a real opus, - it explores the altered states of fast and slow adrenaline injections, with unexpected angle shots. The album also features some fugue-like space trips - the sense of oneiric disorientation with «Motion Reprise» - and more thoughtful whispered digressions such as «Oh Carol!», the carillon and alien frequencies of «French Road», - as well the pastoral journey of «Little Island, that is over 6 minutes of chatartic rise, begun among the ears of wheat, enwrapping the listener into a tangible multicolour imaginary."

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released July 13, 2009

Written, arranged, performed, recorded & mixed by Carlo Barbagallo
from October 2007 to October 2008,

"The Motion" lyrics written by Salvo Rizzuto;
"Spectacle" music written by Dario Serra & Carlo Barbagallo;
"Oh Carol!" music written by Francesco Accardi & Carlo Barbagallo;

Voices recorded at Vertigo Recordings Studio (Siracusa)
by Toti Valente in May 2009 & mixed by Carlo Barbagallo in June 2009.

Lyrics corrections & pronunciation assistance: Salvo Rizzuto.

Mastered & Produced by Carlo Barbagallo.

Side A: 1-6
Side B: 7-11


Cover Art by Carlo Barbagallo.



all rights reserved


Carlo Barbagallo Italy

Carlo Barbagallo is a sicilian musician, composer, sound engineer, producer. He always played & recorded his music, experimenting the possibilities of home & studio creative recording. Owner of totally DIY Noja Recordings; founder or guest member of a lot of different bands/projects. Full info at barbagallo.weebly.com ... more


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Track Name: Paper Mirror
It's no use to make all this known
My letter L is not your letter L
No chance to live and share

What am I thinking to do?
I'm just the paper
Just the mirror

It’s all out of me!

To fix this moment is useless
'cause I am out of me too!
Track Name: Yolkrise
Light sky
Blue walls
The red yolk
The smell of your lips
Of your hair in my pillow
The sheets perspiring your sweat

Embracing the horizon
Stylized autumn trees
And I'm holding to your flanks
Do you know when you feel the friction of the string with the bow?


Sweet taste of rust on my fingers
Hand-writings on paper are paintings, pictures
Little fixed simplicities
And every storm binds us
Incomprehensions are lightly touching our hands


The yolk rise from the ocean
Our sun, our love
The yolk rise from the ocean
Our star, our love
Track Name: The Motion
Call this respect
But it’s pain neglect
Don’t worry babe won’t be on our own!

A black summer day
And it will turn blood into a sea full of ice man
It is a new life again!

Can we step out from the notion
Lies inside your mind are set in motion
And those lies become real!
Move on man, move on

There won’t be another place, never
It’s all here and dying forever
Track Name: Spectacle
I'm the spectacle behind the mirror
And that’s the only way i know to burn
Track Name: Pale Purple Sky
White light in a pale purple sky
My fingers on your womb
I'm touching lightly the keys of the piano
And I'm going down to the bottom
Track Name: Cold Shiver
All insinuated thoughts
A thrilling body of pleasure
Not a cold shiver
Or a night trouble
With the eyes closed
To not be me
In a place not mine
Am I always the same?
Track Name: Oh Carol!
Oh Carol!
What's the matter?
Track Name: Friday
I go out to the shining light
I go outside to realize
I go outside to lie to myself

That I'm not bored
Not without will
That yesterday wasn't useless
And tomorrow will be great

I'll go out just waiting for you
It’s the nearest place to you
At the edge of town
Where you’ll pick up my life

Please forget friday night 'cause today is wednesday
Please forget friday night 'cause today is the fifth day
'Cause I need to leave you the guilt
'Cause I'm here, not in L.A.