"Sometimes 7 minutes are enough to show You are a brilliant musician. 7 minutes for 5 songs, more precisely. And it's not about punk rock speed, no, - (Carlo) Barbagallo's style finds its coordinates over a map with The Beatles' psychedelic (The Cypress Tree) and John Lee Hooker's blues (The Same Old Lament) as poles, - slide acoustic guitars, soloist experience, experimental and direct, - sometimes eclectic à la Frank Zappa (The Right Thing).
Born in Sicily, Siracuse, formerly heading Suzanne Silver and currently in Albanopower (42 rec), Barbagallo releases through his own label Barbie Noja this little opus, that, recently together with Samuel Katarro, is one more living proof of how in italy there's still Hope-For-Good-Music to come, i mean, that bright talent in dosing Your clear skills in playing guitar and singing with an original distinctive experimental formula, avoiding self-referring virtuosism. THE shows how Barbagallo's thing about vocals plus guitar successfully work, - among deluxe mono recordings (as i guess), guitars, bass, cans like percussions and diamonica draw an excellent taste for bizzarre, hard-to-tag tunes."

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released March 30, 2008

by Barbie Noja Records.

Written, Arranged, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by Carlo Barbagallo
in October 2007

except "The Cypress Tree" Lyrics Written by Francesco Accardi.

Cover Art by Mauro Felice.





Carlo Barbagallo Italy

Carlo Barbagallo is a sicilian musician, composer, sound engineer, producer. He always played & recorded his music, experimenting the possibilities of home & studio creative recording. Owner of totally DIY Noja Recordings; founder or guest member of a lot of different bands/projects. Full info at barbagallo.weebly.com ... more


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Track Name: The Cypress Tree
Painted by the colours of your skin
Laugh to me the moon
Behind the tip of a cypress tree
Oh great sun of the night!
Now you set up behind a cornice
Track Name: The Right Thing
Do you know who do the right thing?
Who lives inside his mind
Where everything is just an idea
Where you are like you need you are
Where she is like you need she is
Where the things are like you need they are
Track Name: The Same Old Lament
‘till to start it
I’m judging it
A lament, the same old
Emptiness is the feeling
Atrophic is the mind
Locked in ice
If it will snowing!
I never seen the snow
Track Name: The Frenzied Work
The mask is the frenzied work
The constant make of sounds
A man said: “I try to create from the absence”
A voice said: “Satisfaction”
Another man said: “Nothing born from nothing
The art from the heat of a star”
Some would like to say the heart
I would like to say the brain