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by Carlo Barbagallo



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Description by Giacomo Albert:

TarkHaikus is an acousmatic electro-acoustic work that uses extreme heterogeneity of collective builded materials (Phonologia Group) with fragments freely taken from the "Stalker " soundtrack by A. Tarkovskij, character around which compositional processes have drawn inspiration and ideas.
In particular the deep relationship between the intrinsic characteristics of the cinematic image and the practices with which the flm form should be organized. And yet, by the tendency to an artistic approach vanisheing in its being " a process towards an end," in which " there is no ultimate meaning” ... but the life material itself, as in the succession of mental images evoked by individual lines of the Japanese haikus, characterized by " direct observation and mediated life ", which generate an image Beyond, whose ultimate meaning is out of focus, but at the same time capable of expressing " a depth impossible to measure."
Hence the TarkHaikus baseline suggestion: to derive from the linguistic structure of haikus beloved by Tarkovsky, pre-structures, underlying patterns for processing and the space-time organization of sound material, both at micro and macro level . In this way the material is often not melted, but presented, highlighted, in order to inspire sparks of consciousness, sensations. There isn’t a linear narration, but a bas- relief of shreds of truth. Breaks, fragments, visions succeed, juxtapose and contrast . The user is displaced and is induced to observe fragments of reality, images not taken in their meaning or postposed to something specifc, but in their simply being together indecipherable and powerful. Small forms, presenting truth that break paths, absolute beaut , and not the actual images. A stream of consciousness that dissolves, pure fragmentary lyricism: a kaleidoscope of visions, which come together in a path of mystical and abysmal images.


released February 17, 2014

by Noja Recordings:

Production Dates: from October 2012 to June 2013

Phonologia Group: Mattia Bonafini, Remo De Vico, Alessandro Ratoci, Sam Salem, Riccardo Castagnola, Carlo Barbagallo
Percussions: Stanislas Pili

Public Performances:
June 2013 - Fondazione Culturale San Fedele "Phonologia Prize for young electronic composers" - Spazialized with the Acousmonium SATOR by Dante Tanzi
October 2013 - 57 International Festival of Contemporary Music 2013, Venice Biennale - 8-Channels Version



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Carlo Barbagallo Italy

Carlo Barbagallo is a sicilian musician, composer, sound engineer, producer. He always played & recorded his music, experimenting the possibilities of home & studio creative recording. Owner of totally DIY Noja Recordings; founder or guest member of a lot of different bands/projects. Full info at ... more


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