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by Carlo Barbagallo

You may need to go round and round For our chance to take a prey You can’t weed out sharp prickles Without some pain Fed up of straying and then carry on Be ready to face the same fate With every laugh that we care to load Even we know that’s lame Now, we are on the edge right now So close to a breakdown I hear a voice in my head and it always lets me down It’s working this moaning but I tell you nothing's free I’m not a bitter dreamer Just a dealer’s friend Now let me say they’ll put you down Girl we’re shattered on the ground You can’t try to help Just stop holding it down Ah, now it’s best to let things go All the good and bad things I’ve done Now i’m sure I’ll let you down
ACIO 03:28
New anger New show New hair do I won’t Be forgotten I’m not slouch A low rider I know A C I O Hip town No love Tape well this rope Give me some hope You can lean a while on my shoulder You’ll have as many helpers as you want in your world A long bow to droll Hi cave man! Do you rule? You’re dancing I know A C I O A cup I won Cheap loans Big thrills by dawn Some watched you go You can put your arm on my shoulder You’ll have as many helpers as you want in your world
BM IV 03:24
One To Four 03:16
Omen 06:15
Ants 15:15
Where are you going With those blue eyes The air is fresh and clean this morning And you look soft as her old lies It seems like nothing can go wrong I just go, like in a song Surely carrying on my pain Alone down lovers lane   I would like to marry a waitress Give my heart to a gipsy girl Give it to be carried away But I know by your thin legs It will end that way I’ll just vanish in the shadow Becoming nothing but a stain Alone down lovers lane   Where are you going So pretty and young You remind me of someone I don’t want to recall at all              Just meet me if you want Just meet me if you can Tonight where I’ll just wait in vain Alone down lovers lane
Ruins 05:01
What do you want me to do? Shall I talk about me or listen to you? What do you want from me? Shall I jump or die? There’s something to drink? Do you want to take a walk? Shall I tell some lie, some tale or sing? Do you want I play fool and sweet? Tear my heart apart or just treat you like shit? I’d love to be there where you’re now Have I said some thing i don’t recall? Another-time talking uselessly Under the same old sky on the same old street ‘tween the ruins of a wasteground Will you leave me lonely for the guilt of being wrong? Do you want a handsome guy Or some brave talking dude? Girl, must I look kind of gay or shall I be a little rude? You know we were where no one grows old? Now you should know to look at it as a whole As the silence falls like a sheet Fom this old sky on the same old street Another time like ever talking About the same old nothing to come and to be gone The same nothing to come and nothing to gone Don’t bother waking up Dreams will show things closer Be sure that time will tear us apart I know it doesn’t mean a thing But tonight the air feels like spring And you would like to enjoy the same old way of being over For the guilt of being wrong Just ask for a kiss like a dog for a bone The same old way of being over Lonely for the guilt of being wrong Just ask for a kiss like a dog for a bone Walking the same way but slower Talking the same way but sadder Another time like ever Another time forever ‘tween the ruins of a wasteground Moving dust with our feet ‘tween The ruins of the sky One more time and another Ever and ever, then over The same old way of being over For the guilt of being wrong The same old ruins are over
BM X 02:56


All songs written, arranged and recorded live from March 28 to April 2, 2018 at Borgomale, Alba, Cuneo.

Vocals on 1,2,7,8 recorded at Arsonica, Siracusa - August 30, 2020
Mix and overdubs - between November and December 2020 in Torino

Carlo Barbagallo - electric and acoustic guitars, voices, bass on 6/7/9, lyrics on 1/2/8, keys on 2-3,5-8
Francesco Alloa - drums and percussions, keyboard and drum machine on 6
Maurizio Busca - saxophone on 1-3, bass on 4-6/8, keyboard on 5/9, electric guitar on 7
Riccardo Salvini - bass on 1-3
Andrea Pisano - electric guitar on 5-9, tape-loops on 5-6

Nicola Meloni - keyboards on 1
Tom Newton - harmonica on 7
Elaine Carmen Bonsangue - backing vocals on 6
Claudio Rinaldi - guitar feedbacks on 6

Salvo Rizzuto - lyrics on 1-2
Andrea Valle - lyrics on 4-6 (taken from Straloona songbook)
Luca ‘Swanz’ Andriolo - lyrics on 7-8


released April 26, 2021


all rights reserved



Carlo Barbagallo Italy

Carlo Barbagallo is a sicilian musician, composer, sound engineer, producer. He always played & recorded his music, experimenting the possibilities of home & studio creative recording. Owner of totally DIY Noja Recordings; founder or guest member of a lot of different bands/projects. Full info at barbagallo.weebly.com ... more

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