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by Carlo Barbagallo



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When I started to work on this piece my first intention was to record something with my Harmony electric guitar but frustrated with the hums and noises of the pickup I decided to loop half-a-second of these, duplicate this loop in three tracks, send them to three buses with a lot of plugins in-chain, then using the mixer of the digital workstation as an instrument to manipulate all this stuff live in real time.

Playing with phases, delay and pitch modulations, noise reduction processors with equalizing noise-profile, channels faders, mute buttons and buses sends, I record three stereo improvisations of twenty minutes each on my Yamaha MT8X cassette recorder.

After converting to digital the six tracks recorded onto tape, I mixed the three improvisations, taking care of create a sort of three-way dialogue between the sound developments of each impro.

I listened to this stereo version (Ground Noise Tape) for hours that I started to hearing (or imaging) other sounds than the recorded ones, generated between the surfaces and depths of the noise textures. I thought to try to concretize in recorded sounds a few of the infinite possible interpretations of these sonic illusions generated by the intersected plans of changing noise.

I played (improvising for the most part), recorded and mixed different instruments (real & software) and manipulated some yet recorded sources.

The result is Ground Noise Suite.


released July 7, 2012

by Noja Recordings:

Grounde Noise Suite Section V contains manipulated recordings of improvisation rehearsals by Les Dix-Huit Secondes (

Production Dates:
Aug 8-11, 2011 - Ground Noise Tape / Ground Noise Suite Sections I, II, III
Oct 9, 2011 - Ground Noise Suite Section IV
Oct 20, 2011 - Les Dix-Huit Secondes rehearsals
Nov 7, 2011 - Ground Noise Suite Section V
Aug 10, 2012 - Artwork

Both tracks are in stereo version (no mono compatible). High playback volumes will ensure a better listening experience.



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Carlo Barbagallo Italy

Carlo Barbagallo is a sicilian musician, composer, sound engineer, producer. He always played & recorded his music, experimenting the possibilities of home & studio creative recording. Owner of totally DIY Noja Recordings; founder or guest member of a lot of different bands/projects. Full info at ... more


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Track Name: Ground Noise Suite
The suite can be divided in five sections.

Section I (00:00-01:18) acts as a sort of intro with a doubled country style slide guitar (starting at 00:30) hidden amongst the noises.

Section II (01:18-04:34) starts with a two notes rhodes bass line, followed by a blues-harp crying (01:48), an harmonic phasing pad of synthesized strings with an accordion melody (2:03), then (2:25) electric guitar duets with the harp.

Section III (04:34-07:17) is sustained by a sections of sampled cellos and violins that creates an almost inaudible dissonant tapestry and two lightly guitars totally pan-potted playing a not-constant minimal arpeggio; a rhodes plays a free solo, gradually attracting the guitars to do the same.

Section IV (07:17-12.30) begins with almost a minute of manipulated ground noise, at 8:05 two synths lines, created with a Korg MS2000, rise; the initially sporadic sounds turn soon into two rhythmic correlated patterns (9:05) and two acid bluesy guitars start a schizophrenic talk (9:27). Slowly synths and guitars sounds more and more distant while a highly manipulated mix of both guitars emerges with spacey sonorities.

Section V (12.30) also begins with almost a minute of only noise, then (13.22) there are different analog (on cassette tape) & digital manipulations of a lo-fi recording of Les Dix-Huit Secondes improvisation rehearsals for a concert we had at Art In Town in Torino. Beyond the tricks (speed changings / hard pan movements / distant moments of the improvisation mixed at the same time / loops), our live instrumentation and impro style, also some of our typical themes, emerge clearly. This section can be divided into 5 parts: I (12.30-13.22), II (13.22-15:10), III (15.10-20.14), IV (20.14-22:10), V (22:10-24:06).