New Album by Carlo Barbagallo featuring members of Suzanne'Silver, Movie Star Junkies, Oaxaca, Dead Cat In A Bag, Rhabdomantic Orchestra, Tapso II, Mashrooms, Loozoo, Noise Delivery, CoMET Percussion Project, Mediterraneo Radicale, Studiolo Laps, Totem Contemporaine, SMET.


released May 5, 2017

Written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Carlo Barbagallo.

Released in Italy by Trovarobato, Malintenti.
Released in EU by Noja Recordings, Stereo Dischi, Wild Love Records.

IT Promotion: A Buzz Supreme
IT Booking: Modernista
EU Promotion & Booking: 5roses press
Management: Pentagram Arts

Personnel (alphabetical order):
Francesco Accardi - “Cypress Tree” lyrics
Luca Andriolo - acting male voice in “Nothing”, fuzz screaming voice and melody helper in “9 years”
Michele Anelli - upright bass
Carlo Barbagallo - songwriting and lyrics, guitars, vocals, bass guitar in “Save Hide Save” and “Cypress Tree”, piano in “Cypress Tree”, Organ in “Nothing” and “9 Years”, Rhodes in “Her King”
Stefano Bassanese - electroacoustic coil in “Rust”
Sergio Battaglia - saxophones except in “9 years”
Emilio Bernè - double drums in “Cypress Tree”, “Nothing” & “Rust”
Elaine Bonsangue - choir, female acting voice and italian lyrics in “Nothing”, “Her King” lyrics
Maurizio Busca - saxophones in “Rust”, clarinets
Pasquale Calò - saxophones in “Rust” and “Save Hide Save”
Remo De Vico - electronics in “11 dreams”, “Clowns”, “9 Years”, “Her King”
Alberto ‘Boto’ Dutto - fuzz electric guitar in “9 Years”
Mauro Felice - double drums expect in “Cypress Tree” and “Nothing”
Giovanni Fiderio - violins
Michele Guglielmi - rhodes in “Save Hide Save” and “9 Years”
Luca Iorfida - rhodes and vibraphones in “Nothing”
Jean-Francois Laporte - feedback objects and springs in “9 Years”
Enrico Messina - piano except in “Cypress Tree”, organ expect in “Nothing” and “9 Years”
Carola Musumeci - choir in “Nothing”
Stanislas Pili - percussions in “9 Years”
Manuel Volpe - bass guitar expect in “Cypress Tree”, “Save Hide Save”, “Nothing” and “Her King”

Cover Team:
E<->CB - concept
Elaine Bonsangue - art director
Corrado Lorenzo Vasquez - photographer
Mauro Felice - cover design
Elisa Marchese - sketches
Salvo Pappalardo - set design
Aldo Ciulla & Ségolène Le Contellec - lights
Laura Basile, Valeria Battiato, Elaine Bonsangue, Alessandra Castronuovo, Ginevra Maria Lentini, Klizia Raciti Longo, Maria Chiara Morale, Monica Pintaldi, Giovanna Zisa - models
Zo Centro Culture Contemporanee, Catania - set



all rights reserved


Carlo Barbagallo Italy

Carlo Barbagallo is a sicilian musician, composer, sound engineer, producer. He always played & recorded his music, experimenting the possibilities of home & studio creative recording. Owner of totally DIY Noja Recordings; founder or guest member of a lot of different bands/projects. Full info at barbagallo.weebly.com ... more


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Track Name: Any Girl's Eyes
Have to hide under a stone the word forever
Unexpected sudden change of the meaning of together
Even it’s clear the habit worm was there, growing silent since long
My skin is falling now and my bones are crumbling, the soul fed by some insane behaviours

A loop of stoned wakes, rides and trains, unknown faces and passive talking
Empty excitement letting the look wandering for any girl’s eyes
l’m slipping opportunities over time like a fool
Feeling loneliness with the c*ck in my left hand and hours of music that I have still to write

Since the beginning I was a leach, so what do you expect from me?
A heavy selfish cancer in the end, so what do you expect from me?
And please stop with all these guilts, just say “you don’t exist”
Your “I’ll be here for you” will need to me when I will never need you

Every day I hope to erase you as you were never be mine
Track Name: 11 Dreams
Through and around the bends, here is lying some precious time and a vicious failure
Coloured thoughts and other frozen lies; a lack of flavour
There's no much, honey, just a breath of cigarettes burned and lack of heart
Hanging around for a sad meeting, underground

You got eleven dreams at least and no one will run
You got eleven dreams and you’ll on lonely ride
Yes it is

Covered through a silk blanket there's a uncoloured love that I wish it will fail
There's no much money, just to burn cigarettes and soul's sparks with no hope

You got eleven dreams and you're on lonely ride yet
Just one of all these dreams will show you how to die
Yes it is

And forever and ever it will be and I was
Track Name: Save Hide Save
Beyond this ton of knowledges you show to have someone has never explained to you respect?
Are you trying to fill your soul with my ten years’ bread?
What are you looking to achieve?

Just save yourself tonight
You have to hide yourself tonight
Save yourself tonight

I have no excuses, no other views of facts
I knew i’d lost a friend and maybe more than one
You have any right to hate me, I cannot convince you otherwise
You’ll never see me again

I’ll try to save myself tonight
Hide myself tonight
Save myself tonight

When you lost some you hope hard it come back
But it will never come back and
You can’t save yourself at night
Track Name: Nothing
I’m just sad and tired
Burning my cigarette,
Wasting my time,
Picking up my pen
And feeling tired
Track Name: Rust
Why I shouldn't go on a moonlight road to nowhere
Why I shouldn't drive around until my friends will all be gone
Why I shouldn't ramble on, selling lies with a bunch of songs
Why I shouldn't think more when the sunlight is coming down

But I would drown you, forget our past and cover all our sins
There's still some hope to hold this bad ending?
Just let the curtain falls!

Why I shouldn't go on?

Some people say “I was rust and I’ll eat dust”
It's just like a dream I had: you're around me but night will not last

I would drown her but some said “hate stirs up conflict and love covers all sins”
Have we still some hope to hold this sad ending?
Just let the curtain falls!

Why I shouldn't go on?
Track Name: Cypress Tree
Painted by the color of your skin
Laugh to me, the moon
Behind the tip of a cypress tree
Oh great sun of the night!
Now you set behind a cornice
Track Name: 9 Years
Someday I’ll meet you in a timeless place
and if you say “come with me” I think I will
But we will hardly see our faces
An unpleasant bitterness will slip out from our lips to our fingertips
And we will turn back and run again
So we’ll be able to go with the river’s flow and lose ourselves
Track Name: Her King
The kingdom of this Queen is her King
and she has no other duty or desire to serve him,
love him and please him to fainting

The “Body” of this King:
Boundless land to govern, to possess, to cure, to feed;
Love bed, meal, ocean of time,
A million of stars and planets.
Hands on Me.

Me: Queen of my King
Track Name: Clowns
Goodbye Clowns